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The Benefits of Small Ship Cruising

When it comes to cruising, bigger is not always better. For travelers who want a more personalized vacation and more destination options, small ship cruising is just the answer. As you think about small ship cruising, trade thousands of passengers for a few hundred and add unique destinations and custom experiences. That’s what small ship cruising is all about.

If you are thinking about embarking on a cruise vacation soon, here are a few reasons why you should consider cruising on a smaller ship.

More Intimate Experience

Smaller ships mean fewer passengers. This means your experiences will be more tailored to you and gives the crew a chance to get to know you better. After night one, you can expect the bartender to remember your drink order and have it ready and waiting by the time you arrive for dinner. You can enjoy a sit-down dinner with your meal prepared to your liking. Even the onshore excursions will be tailored to you. The cruise concierge will see to it that you are well attended to on and off the ship. Simply put, smaller ships offer a level of personalized service that you cannot find on larger ships.

More Flexibility With Destinations

There is a reason why large cruise ships can only go to a handful of ports. Large ships need deep water and plenty of space for docking or dropping anchors. They are limited by their size, which means they cannot visit some of the smaller ports around the world. While smaller ships still visit the larger ports, they can also take you to unique destinations that are typically not as crowded and offer a more authentic experience. You can even expect the shore excursions to be elevated since your ship will likely be the only ship at that port of call.

Safer and Cleaner

The one thing that’s on everyone’s mind when you begin planning a trip anywhere in the world is safety and cleanliness. You want to know that you can get to and from your destinations safely while also feeling comfortable with your accommodations. While both have always been a top priority in the cruise industry, smaller ships have taken it to the next level. Because small ships already carry fewer passengers and typically have more crew than passengers, you can expect all hands on deck when it comes to regular cleaning and implementation of protocols. The trained cruise professionals on board are there to ensure you have the same great experience while feeling safe and comfortable on your vacation.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of small ship cruising, contact me today!

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