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Seamless Travel Planning and Coordination for Groups

Nothing brings a group closer together than travel. That’s why you’ve decided to embark on a bond-building adventure with your group!

There’s just one problem …

Just the thought of having to coordinate flights, hotels, and transfers for everyone in your group has already got your head spinning …

Not too mention, collecting payment and keeping your whole group in the loop sucks up hours in your day …

Plus, when you try to search for prices online, you can’t even SEE the group rates!

Okay, there might be more than one problem.

The good news?

There IS just one solution — working with the group travel experts at Kaleidoscope Travel & Cruise!

We’ve been planning seamless group travel experiences for the past several decades. Our clients turn to us when they want to avoid the major group travel headaches and ensure their trips get rave reviews from everyone in the group.

Escorted Groups

You’ve built up a following as a group leader — and now you want to take your most enthusiastic members on an unforgettable trip. We’ll block space for your tour and help you fill the trip, so you just need to concentrate on ensuring your members have the time of their lives!

Family and Celebration Travel

Play, learn, and grow together on a relaxing family trip. We’ll design a group trip that fits your entire family’s needs, from grandparents on down to the grandkids. It’s the perfect way to celebrate an important anniversary, birthday, or long overdue family reunion!

Stag/Stagettes and Friend Getaways

Gather a group of you best gal or guy pals and celebrate together on a trip of a lifetime! Living the good life at an all-inclusive resort, or exploring spellbinding cities … you dream it, we’ll arrange it all for you!

Religious Travel

Bring your congregation closer together with a trip to holy sites, churches, and more. We can help you design a religious trip that traces iconic pilgrimage routes, takes you to awe-inspiring religious wonders, or even coincides with religious festivals and events.

Non-Profit Organizations

Whether you’re a school group that yearns to expand children’s minds through travel or a charity looking for an innovative (and fun!) way to raise money, we’ll craft an unforgettable group trip for you — that stays within budget.

Sports Teams and Clubs

Foster camaraderie and strengthen ties among your members on a themed group trip for your membership club or sports team. There’s simply no better way to learn how to be a great team player than embarking on a group travel experience.

Ready to see how easy group travel can be when you work with the experts?

Just because you’re the group travel leader doesn’t mean you have to become the entire group’s default travel agent — juggling payments, researching options, and booking rooms.

That’s what we’re here for! Hand off the hassle to our team of experienced group travel specialists, who excel at the logistics and know how to take care of groups large and small.

Get in touch with one of our group travel specialists today to start planning your group trip the easy way.

Upcoming group adventures


Up to 151 days from departure - $200.00 fee

150 - 121 days from departure – deposit amount

120 - 61 days from departure – 50% loss 

60 days - day of departure – no refund

More trips coming soon!

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