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Why Having a Honeymoon is Important for a Happier Marriage

Is it essential to take a honeymoon? Recent studies indicate that couples who plan and take a honeymoon after their big day tend to have happier, longer-lasting marriages than couples who forgo a honeymoon.

Here’s the breakdown of how it all works!

A Time to Re-Focus & Connect!

A honeymoon can be an excellent bridge between the whirlwind of wedding planning, constant choices, and problem-solving into the euphoria of being newlyweds, away from the familiar surroundings of everyday life! Your honeymoon allows you to unplug and focus on each other! This sets the tone instantly for making each other a priority instead of life pushing you in every different direction.

Whether it's lounging on a beach, exploring a vibrant city, or immersing yourselves in nature, the honeymoon is your well-deserved escape.

Creating Cherished Memories

Honeymoons are not just about the destination but about shared experiences. Whether exploring exotic locales, trying new cuisines, or simply enjoying each other's company under a starlit sky, your honeymoon is a canvas for creating cherished memories. These shared moments can be vitally important to your relationship, especially when you may be stuck in a rut or feeling the pressure of everyday life.

Building Stronger Bonds

The honeymoon is a time for undivided attention. Away from the daily grind, couples can genuinely connect, communicate, and deepen their understanding of each other. A honeymoon also allows you to

strengthen your intimacy with each other both physically and emotionally. All these new experiences, quality time, and, if you can afford it, being in a romantic, pampering honeymoon suite will also help bring you closer together! And YES! Honeymoon suites are still a thing! We encourage you to use a travel agent to book your honeymoon, as they can take what you envision and give you precisely what you are looking for in your honeymoon.

Setting the Tone for Future Marriage Success

Having a honeymoon can also set the tone for future marriage success and happiness, especially if you continue to travel together. According to PR Newswire & Honeyfund, a wedding gift registry, “upwards of 90% of couples who have taken at least 3 or more romantic trips since their honeymoon rate their marriage as good to excellent. Out of people who rate their marriage as not good, 78% do not travel regularly. Taking a honeymoon can be a catalyst to having a unique and intimate connection that can be one of the super glues that hold your marriage together through thick and thin, easy times and stressful times.

Prioritize Your Relationship to Keep the Honeymoon Effect Going

Prioritizing your relationship is one of the hidden keys to a successful and happy relationship! Your honeymoon is the perfect way to start your marriage by prioritizing a much-needed break from all the stress of wedding planning and the pressures of everyday life! In some ways, you are recharging your relationship batteries and re-discovering why you fell in love in the first place! This should be just the beginning of intentionally planning regular dates, weekend getaways, and future romantic trips to keep your relationship fresh and re-charged regularly.

What if You Can’t Afford a Honeymoon?

We realize everyone is in a different situation, both logistically and financially. If you just can’t swing a honeymoon after your wedding, we encourage you to plan a short getaway, maybe to a nearby

significant city at a luxury hotel or a secluded bed & breakfast for at least 3 nights! You both still need the opportunity to unplug, romance, and reconnect with each other after all the wedding stuff and have some much-needed time together. Then, within the next year or two, do your best to plan a proper honeymoon for at least 7 nights, where you can go somewhere special like Mexico, Hawaii, or a Caribbean Island. Again, we highly encourage you to use a travel agent who specializes in your chosen destination to get everything you are looking for on your honeymoon.

As we wrap up this post on the significance of taking a honeymoon, it becomes evident that your honeymoon is more than just a typical getaway. A honeymoon represents a conscious investment in the health of your marriage. When you prioritize nurturing your relationship through the honeymoon experience, you set the stage for a more resilient and fulfilling partnership, where the new bonds of love and memories created during this time continue to blossom over the years.

If you are unsure about your honeymoon planning and need some help or guidance, please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of the Kaleidoscope Travel specialists who would be honored to assist! This is a special celebration trip worthy of extra care in the planning.

  • The Kaleidoscope Travel & Cruise Team

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