Travel Tips

Being your travel advisor is more than offering you enchanting vacations to the far reaches of the globe. It also involves offering you personal support and helpful advice to enhance all your travel experiences, whether near or far.

The Travel Tips below are chock-full of important information that will help you travel the world safely and efficiently. Our agency simply wants you to have the best experiences possible, wherever you travel.

Happy travels!
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Airline Tips from the Pros

There's nothing like a fabulous flight at the right price to kick off your exciting vacation. Here are some tips from our pros to make sure you and your luggage arrive in one piece.Make Sure Your Luggage Arrives with YouWhile the overall number of lost bags may be decreasing, it still happens from time to time. To up the chances of your baggage arriving as soon as you do, consider investing in a RFID tracker, such as ReboundTag. These small,... read more

How to Become a Better Smartphone Photographer

Want to increase those likes, shares and comments on your vacation photos this year? Instead of packing an expensive camera, grab your smartphone and follow these easy tips and tricks from the pros.Brighter is betterNatural light is your friend. To get a great photo, put yourself in a position to get the best shot. If you're indoors, set up your shot next to a large window. However, if you're outside in the mid afternoon, direct sunlight can be too harsh... read more

How to sleep better on an overnight flight

Few among us are lucky enough to sleep well on an overnight flight. But just because you can’t get a full eight-hours of quality shut-eye doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a night of endless sitcom reruns. Arrive at your destination ready to go with these tried-and-true tactics.Splurge on an UpgradeYour best chance for a relaxing night’s sleep is by paying for the privilege. Those lie-flat beds may be expensive, but for travelers who can’t afford to arrive groggy, they’re your... read more

What information to leave at home

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” is a mantra to live by when traveling. Natural disasters and civil unrest derail the best of plans, but more often it’s the mundane things that disrupt our travel – a lost wallet, a bottle of prescription medicine left on the bathroom counter, a hotel reservation that can’t be found. Err on the side of caution by leaving vital information with a trustworthy friend, coworker or family member. More than likely you’ll... read more

Tips for getting into airport lounges

Airports can test the nerves of even the most well-balanced traveler. There are places, however, where calm and tranquility reign – where a comfortable seat is always available, fresh coffee and snacks await, and a glass of prosecco can be had a moments’ notice. We are talking, of course, about airport lounges. Rack up several hundred thousand air miles on the same airline, and you’re sure to get an invitation to join the club. For these rest of us, there... read more

Top International Destinations for Families

You're an international jet-setter itching to dive into a new destination. Only one problem: you've got kids, and everyone thinks that kids or grandkids are a major hassle to drag overseas. Unless the overseas destination is amazingly kid-friendly, making it the perfect choice for a family getaway, just like these destinations below.Costa Rica - Great things come in small packages, as anyone who visits Costa Rica will clearly see. When your choices include up-close encounters with sea turtles, exotic birds... read more

Four Amazing Places to View the Northern Lights

Many scholars and scientists believe the Northern Lights were created when the Roman goddess Aurora met with Borealis, the Greek north wind. Other people, let's call them daydreamers, irrationally believe that the natural light display is caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles. Whichever theory you subscribe to, this radiant spectacle is a true wonder to behold, especially when you capture the lights from one of these four viewing spots.Iceland - This is where professional photographers... read more

Pro Travel Tip: Visit Local Grocery Stores when Traveling

There are many ways to immerse yourself in the local culture of the destinations you visit. You can explore art galleries and music venues. You can take enlightening excursions to historic sights. And, quite simply, you can go grocery shopping. Because no matter where you are in the world, you'll gain interesting insights about the city and its people at the local supermarket.Food is a defining element of any destination. You'll learn a lot about a culture by both the... read more

How to Keep Up Your Exercise Routine While on Vacation

Routine is key to keeping up your exercise regimen. You go to the gym on Mondays and Thursdays after work, like clockwork. You jog around the neighborhood on Saturday mornings, like clockwork. Then comes your vacation—and as wonderful as it is, it still upsets that clockworking schedule. Fear not, for you still have several options to keep your routine going wherever you travel to. In Room Exercises - You'd be surprised how many exercises you can perform around your hotel... read more

The Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance

Travel is more than just a simple diversion—it's an investment that enriches your life. And like any other investment, such as a house or car, you should have your travel plans insured. Not all of your travel plans though, such as a weekend at the beach.But the trips you typically book through our agency—the long, extensive, life-changing journeys that transport you around the world—should be covered. Why? Because if a natural disaster or sudden illness ruined your travel plans, you'd... read more

How to Fly Like You're First Class

Let's face it: as we march to our coach seat in the back of the plane, we stare enviously at those in first class, with their fancy drinks and endless legroom, wishing we could be in their shoes…or at least in their seats. But if you properly prepare, you can have a first-class experience in your economy seat. All they have that you don't is more room, better food, more entertainment options and a better chance to sleep.For more room,... read more

4 Ways to Make Your Flight in Coach More Comfortable

A great holiday is one that's perfect from start to end. That involves the flight, yet some people believe it's impossible to fly comfortably in coach. Whether you're starting your holiday or heading home after a dazzling week in Hawaii, here are some simple steps to make the most of your seat in coach.Choose the Biggest Small Seats – Fact #1: coach seats are small. Fact #2: not all coach seats are the same size. When available, we will gladly... read more

Key Items to Pack that Save You Money

There are travel expenses you expect, such as dinners, attraction tickets and cab fares. But then there are those you don't expect, and you find yourself looking for the nearest pharmacy or grocery store to buy them. These unexpected expenses tend to inflate our travel budgets, so it's wise to pack the following items that will surely save you money.Reusable Carry-On Bottles – While travel-size products seem relatively cheap, they're not when you compare the price per ounce to their... read more

Five Common Trip-Planning Mistakes

Because there are so many variables involved—from the plane tickets and hotel reservations to meals and entertainment—self-planned journeys often go off track or way over budget. As someone who plans trips for a living, professional travel advisors like us have seen our share of mistakes made by even the most experienced travelers. Here are five you should definitely avoid:Sticking to Set Dates - Airlines and hotels know when people travel most, so they typically raise their prices accordingly. You can... read more

How to Make Your Luggage Easier to Find in Baggage Claim

We've all been there, standing next to the conveyor belt in baggage claim, jostling with strangers to get a good view of the bags as they're making their turn, hoping that the next black one is yours. The wiser solution is to travel with a bag that's so visually unmistakable, that you can relax away from the black bag parade and casually wait for yours to arrive. Here are some ways to make your luggage stand out from the maddening... read more

Seven Things to do on the First Day of Your Cruise

The first day of your cruise sets the tone for the entire vacation. It provides you with the opportunity to get your cruise floating on the right foot. It's the transition zone that helps your mind, body and soul turn off their real-world switches in order to go into complete vacation mode. In order to kick off your cruise in the best possible way, be sure to do the following on your embarkation day:Tour the ship - This is obvious,... read more

Keeping Your Home Safe while on Vacation

As your travel advisor, we want you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. But that's difficult to do if you're constantly thinking about your empty home, worried about broken pipes, running toilets or home invasions. By taking these preventative steps, you can rest assured knowing your home will be safe and sound while you're away:A Friendly Request - Recruit a friend or family member to stay in your home while you're away, providing them plenty of food and drink... read more