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Travel insurance is the most important thing that you can add to your travel experience. Give yourself PEACE OF MIND knowing that you have protected your family and your vacation dollars.

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We often hear – there is NOTHING that will stop me from going! Unfortunately, we know that even the best-laid plans can quickly go sideways. Nobody books a trip expecting it not to happen or for there to be travel interruptions or needing emergency medical care while they are away. These are only some of the common things that can stop your trip in its tracks.

*You and your spouse are celebrating your big anniversary when you receive a call that you
are needed back home.
*You miss your flight connection and you may not make it in time for your cruise departure.
*You didn’t expect to need medical care on your quick trip across the border.

You may also ask: Why should I buy travel insurance? I have a plan through work or a travel credit card, I must be covered, right? We know through experience that those plans tend to be limited. Most have you pay upfront for costs, leaving you crossing your fingers hoping to be covered. If you plan to rely on these coverage options, make sure you know exactly what is covered. Do you have the number you need to call if you need medical care? Will they pay for your emergency medical care, or is it only reimbursement? Does your whole trip need to be purchased with your credit card to have coverage? Does your credit card cover travel companions? Is there a maximum limit for cancellation coverage? Does it allow for pre-existing conditions?

Make sure you are covered with a plan that was designed for the traveler in mind.


These are just 2 of our clients Saved By Insurance stories.

Amy had booked a trip to Cuba for a tour departing on Dec 24th along with her husband, daughter Julie and her boyfriend. When they arrived at the airport for a night flight on Dec 21, they found out there was a snowstorm in Toronto and they would not make their connection to Havana. And with it being Christmas time flight options were very limited. Amy had insurance so she booked a direct flight to Varadero (with car and driver to Havana) in the only 2 seats left on the plane in first class and checked into the Delta hotel at the airport since they live outside of the city. The flight was not departing until Dec 23, so they spent a relaxing day at the hotel complete with meals. Julie, on the other hand, didn't have insurance so they had to take the flight to Toronto (with a 6-hour delay), once they arrived in Toronto they had to stand in line to get a hotel and meal voucher from the airline, all flights were booked and they were on standby. They waited all day at the airport to see if they could get on the flight that night, and then went to the hotel to sleep but had to be back at 5 am to see if they could get on the morning flight but no such luck. They had to wait all day again at the airport and finally got on the evening flight on Dec 23rd. They arrive late into Havana and were exhausted when the tour started at 8 am on Dec 24th plus they missed their 2 extra non-refundable hotel nights booked in Havana. Amy and her husband were well-rested and ready to go. Having interruption coverage saved them over $3500 for new flights, hotels, meals and car/driver. (*client names have been changed)

Travel and Emergency Medical Insurance is much less compared to the financial loss you will have if you have to interrupt or cancel your trip unexpectedly, or require emergency medical care in a foreign country.

We had booked a 10 day Christmas Hawaii trip with family & friends in 2019. My infant daughter came down with a terrible ear infection and per our doc flying could cause severe damage to her eardrum. We ended up canceling. Manulife was incredible to deal with and we all received 100% of our money back. We highly recommend Manulife, we've used them on several occasions and are always in good hands. -Sarah

Do you leave Canada two or more times a year? Ask us about annual plans.

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You don’t require any coverage or you are sure that what you have is sufficient?

Until travel insurance is purchased or the liability waiver is signed, we cannot release any of your travel documents. Kaleidoscope Travel & Cruise will not be held responsible for any costs related to trip cancellation, interruption, medical or other events related to your trip. All policies have conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Please see the policy for details.



Inquiries or purchases can be made by contacting Manulife Insurance at 1-800-220-5212 or by emailing

Please reference the following information when making inquiries or purchasing travel insurance:

Agency Code: KALICLU
Agent/User ID: ANITA
Departure & Return Date
Sum Insured (Including taxes, fees, and total non-refundable cost of vacation per person)