Meet The Travel Professionals

Anita Gibeau Fletcher

Owner & Group Specialist

As a travel professional, I strive to do more than just simply book your trip and plan your itinerary. I...

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Alicia Dyck

Adventure and Sustainable Travel Expert

A love for traveling is in my blood. My family has owned a travel agency since I was a child,...

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Theresa Nelson

Small Ship and Adventure Travel Specialist

We’ve all heard the expression, “Life is short.” This sentiment guides everything I do in my personal and professional lives.After...

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Sheena Walters

Romance Travel Expert

Whether a couple defines their relationship as fun and flirty, or they prefer to immerse themselves in the romance of...

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Karen Uhl

Small Ship & European Travel Expert - Claresholm

When I was a child I had a fascination for foreign and ancient cultures. A fascination I turned into a...

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Tracy Rehlau

Family Adventure & Religious Travel Expert - Strathmore

My motto is "To travel is half the fun; where you end up is the journey." I have a true...

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Sarah Fraczek

Luxury Cruise, Disney & Family Travel Specialist

After years of working at a desk job, I realized that I wanted to dive into my passion and enter...

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Shelly Neal

North America & Family Travel Specialist

I truly believe that it is important to spend time with family and friends, and what better way to do...

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Charlyn Stang

Traveling is fun, exciting or relaxing. But even for experienced travelers, planning and researching an itinerary to a new destination...

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Vicki Penrod

We live in a digital world; the information available at the click of a mouse can be overwhelming and confusing.As...

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Kendra Armstrong

I’ve traveled extensively for nearly 20 years to beautiful destinations around the world. I love planning vacations, and entered the...

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