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From the grand Parisian boulevards that spread out before you from your view atop the Eiffel Tower …
…to the warm burst of buttery crumbs as you bite into a flaky croissant.
From your first dip into the infinity pool on your balcony, where you sip a glass of chilled champagne as you watch the boats bob in the harbor …
… to the genuine smile that the fishmonger flashes you at the at the local market.
From a morning spent waking up enrobed in the finest silk sheets imaginable, surrounded by sumptuous designer details in your five-star hotel …
… to the single artisan chocolate waiting on your pillow when you return that evening.
The world is full of moments of luxury — both big and little.
It’s up to you to discover them all. We’re here to help.

Our luxury travel specialties include:

Tahiti and the South Pacific:

The warm island breezes, the sticky-sweet Polynesian flavors, the indescribable, almost iridescent blue waters … no words prepare you for the wonder of these islands. You have to see — and taste, and feel — it to believe it. We’ll whisk you away to your very own oceanfront villa or rustic-chic overwater bungalow, where you keep “island time” by watching the tide roll in. Or, set sail on a chic South Pacific cruise, where you’ll journey to a multitude of island paradises on a single magical trip.

African Safaris:

Imagine: An afternoon spent in the African bush in your guide-driven Jeep, tracking down lazing lions, grazing buffalo, and a parade of elephants, wee ones traveling in the shadows of their mothers’ sides. As day fades into dusk, you head back to camp — a grownup wonderland of private plunge pools and candlelit dinners, where you wake up to giraffes grazing past your window. For the adventurer at heart, there’s simply no better luxury vacation than a spellbinding, life-changing African safari.

Bucket-List Travel:

What destination has long pulled on your heartstrings? Is it the fields of Provence in late spring, blanketed with lavender? The peaks of Machu Picchu? The beaches of Hawaii, where sand comes in a kaleidoscope of colors? Let’s take you there. Our luxury travel experts will design a customized bucket-list vacation just for you, one that takes you to the heart of your destination and is finely tailored to your interests.

Trust Your Destination Dreams to the Luxury Travel Experts

Planning a luxury vacation requires a special touch, a knack for logistics — and strategic relationships with top travel suppliers that unlock unforgettable VIP experiences.

Our luxury travel specialists have all three! That means you can expect a seamless experience, from the moment you reach out to us, to the moment your plane lands back home.

Get in touch with one of our luxury travel specialists today to start planning your custom escape.

Anita Gibeau

Anita Gibeau

Small Ship, River Cruise & Group Specialist – Owner - Main Office

Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson

Small Ship and Adventure Travel Specialist – Clarseholm Manager

Karen Uhl

Karen Uhl

Small Ship & European Travel Expert – Claresholm Independent Contactor

Some of the Luxury Travel destinations our clients love the most:

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is a port town, located 35 kilometers southwest of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The village has a thriving expatriate community with over 300 residents. The area is also home to "5,500 companies from 120 countries". The Port of Jebel Ali is situated in Jebel Ali.


In 1985, the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) was established. JAFZ, an industrial area surrounding the port, allows the international companies who relocate there to enjoy the special privileges of the free zone. These include exemption from corporate tax for fifteen years, no personal income tax, no import or export duties, no restriction on currency, and easy labor recruitment.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

The sprawling city is bounded on three sides by Mt Ymettos, Mt Parnitha and Mt Pendeli; whilst inside Athens are twelve hills [the seven historical are: Acropolis, Areopagus, Hill of Philopappus, Observatory Hill (Muses Hill), Pnyx, Lycabettus, Tourkovounia (Anchesmus)], the Acropolis and Lykavittos being the most prominent. These hills provide a refuge from the noise and commotion of the crowded city streets, offering amazing views down to Saronic Gulf, Athens' boundary with the Aegean Sea on its southern side. The streets of Athens (clearly signposted in Greek and English) now meld imperceptibly into Piraeus, the city's ancient (and still bustling) port.

Spring and late autumn are the best times to visit Athens. Summer can be extremely hot and dry during heatwaves, but this rarely happens. Winter is definitely low season, with the occasional rainy or snowy day, but also an ideal time to save money while enjoying the city without countless other travelers and tourists.

Whilst peak traffic hour can be a bit smoggy on the main roads, on most sunny days the skies are azure blue.

At first glance, Athens seems entirely to be composed of nasty, four- to six-story concrete buildings, lacking character and badly in need of a paint, but if you look beyond that, you will find little gems tucked in amongst the grey. The areas at the foot of the Acropolis, Anafiotika, Plaka, Monastiraki and Thissio are home to many wonderful Neoclassical buildings, trendy and traditional cafes and shops, narrow winding streets, and incredible views of the Acropolis. Little Greek Orthodox churches are tucked in amongst the concrete, often in the most unexpected places. These are usually beautifully decorated with icons and brass fixtures inside, but make sure you're appropriately dressed (no short sleeves or bare legs is a good rule of thumb, as a mark of respect).

For the best views of Athens, head to the top of Lycavittos Hill. You can either walk from Kolonaki (the path starts 15 minutes from Evangelismos metro stop, and will take 30 minutes to talk up the winding, but paved and not steep, path) or you can take the funicular railway from the top of Ploutarchou Street in Kolonaki. Either way, be sure to wear flat shoes, and bring lots of water in the summer! From the top you can see the whole city, the port of Piraeus and, on a clear day, the island of Aegina and the Peloponnese. Have a drink at the cafe there, and pay a visit to the chapel of St George.

If you're lucky enough to be in Athens for the Easter Weekend, you'll see the spectacular sight of hundreds of people making their candlelit way down the hill on Easter Saturday night as part of the Easter Vigil procession.

Although a huge city, Athens has relatively few shopping malls or large department stores; the small, family run shop still conquers all. Souvenirs are of course available everywhere that tourists go. Other shopping opportunities are antiques, museum reproductions, embroideries and other folk art goods, and Greek food and drink products.

While Athens is generally a very safe city, there have been a huge number reports of pickpockets on the Metro (especially at the interchanges with the line from Airport), buses and in other crowded areas, including Plaka. You will notice that natives travel with their hands on their bags and pockets and keeping their bag in front rather than on their side or back, which unfortunately is not without reason. You will probably be warned about pickpockets by hotel staff and friendly waiters, but this may be too late. Be extremely cautious and split all your documents, cards and money into different places. Street crime is rare; when it happens, it's most commonly purse-snatching from women walking away from banks and ATM machines.

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