Adventure Travel

For A Journey That Takes You Farther, Deeper, and Leaves You Changed Forever

Adventure Travel and Tours Planned by Specialists

You’re not just looking for any old vacation.

You’re in search of a journey that takes you to the farthest reaches of the globe, off the beaten track, and into a land of wonder …

To vast plains where lions hide in the tall grass, or to jungles where monkeys swing deftly from tree limb to tree limb …

To spellbinding places that will test your strength, challenge your will, and leave you changed forever

In other words? You’re ready for an ADVENTURE. And we’d love to take you there.

Spellbinding Safaris

Spy graceful antelope, stealth cheetahs, and mighty buffalo from your very own 4-wheel Jeep, driven by a knowledgeable guide. After a day of tracking wildlife through otherworldly terrain, you can retire back at your safari lodge, where homemade meals and private plunge pools await you. An African safari is the ultimate blend of adventure and just-say-ah relaxation.

Heart-Pumping Guided Excursions

From zip-lining through the jungles of Costa Rica to climbing the sacred steps of Machu Picchu, an adventure tour takes you right to the heart of the incredible natural and cultural wonders of South and Central America — and beyond. Home stays with the locals, quirky boutique hotels, or luxurious eco-lodges become your backdrop for adventure.

Intimate Small-Group Getaways

Forget crowded mega buses and walking tours that make you feel like a herd of cattle. Today’s top adventure tours are nimble and intimate. We’ll pair you with a reputable small-group tour company that’ll get you closer to the action than you ever thought possible. You can even embark on a themed tour tailored to your interests, or a river cruise with adventurous excursions.

Adventure in Comfort and Style — and Do It Safely

Adventure travel takes you to the far reaches of the earth — often to places that are a little less used to welcoming tourists.

That’s why it’s so important to work with adventure travel specialists, like the team at Kaleidoscope Travel, to help you design a custom journey that’s safe, comfortable, and precisely planned to your unique needs.

Get in touch with one of our adventure travel specialists today to start planning your epic travel adventure!

Alicia Dyck

Alicia Dyck

Adventure and Sustainable Travel Expert -Traveling to North, Central and South America

Kendra Armstrong

Kendra Armstrong

Active & Adventure Specialist Strathmore Center Mall Office

Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson

Small Ship and Adventure Travel Specialist – Clarseholm Manager

Karen Uhl

Karen Uhl

Small Ship & European Travel Expert – Claresholm Independent Contactor

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