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Grow Your Business With Effortless Group Travel

Let’s Partner for a Joint Venture Adventure of a Lifetime

Picture this:

Sailing past endless fields of tulips on a river cruise through Amsterdam, trading laughs and taking pictures with your loyal gardening customers.

Sipping deep reds and chalky whites at a picturesque vineyard in France, swapping tasting notes with your most passionate winery clients.

Strapping on your shoes and racing through the streets of Tokyo (or Marrakesh! Or Rome!), cheering on your dedicated fitness club members racing right beside you.

You’re not just having the time of your life on a world-class vacation.

You’re making connections with your customers and fostering incredible loyalty.

It’s time to think outside the box — and step out from behind your desk — to grow your business creatively, and with heart.

Let Kaleidoscope Travel show you how you can embark on a group trip with your best customers, anywhere around the world.

Why Travel the World with Your Best Customers?

Foster bonds with your customers:

You may have heard it before: People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Well, there’s no better way to build “know, like, and trust” than by traveling with your best customers on an epic adventure! When your clients feel a personal connection with you, they’re way more likely to become clients for life, sending you referrals and shouting about how great your business or product is to their friends and family.

You can travel on the cheap:

Did you know that cruise lines and hotels often give away a room for free to groups? It’s true; when groups reserve a minimum number of rooms, they’re often granted an extra room at no cost. As the group trip leader, that free room is yours to use! Imagine: You get to visit spellbinding destinations at a significantly reduced cost while you grow your business. Who said “work” and “play” don’t go together? Not us!

Businesses and Clubs We Can Help

We plan group travel experiences for businesses and organizations whose customers and members share deep passions, like:

  • wineries
  • breweries
  • organic farms and greenhouses
  • fitness centers
  • restaurants
  • affinity clubs, like golf or diving clubs
  • … and more!

You fill the group with your best customers, clients, or members, and we’ll take care of all the rest — planning your group trip from beginning to end.

Want to see if a joint venture like this can help YOU grow your business? Get in touch with one of our group travel specialists today for a free consultation:

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