Why plan a destination wedding

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The tradition of marriage dates back as far as 2350 B.C., with what was then known to be a formal arrangement joining a man and woman by way of contract. Over time small traditions began to take place, allowing weddings to become something more symbolic. For instance, we have all heard the saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpense in your Shoe”. This was only the start of the building of traditions, which eventually evolved into what is now known to many to consist of a large extravagant wedding day, complete with all the bells and whistles. Designer wedding dresses, luxurious venues, upscale catering, and the list goes on. This all makes for a great event, but not without significant expenses and stress.

Now days many Brides & Grooms are looking for alternatives and opting for a simpler way to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. One that permits them to tie-the-knot without the burdens of a traditional wedding at home. Planning a destination wedding allows couples to seek the expertise of a local Travel Advisor that can guide them through the process of selecting a destination that inspires them as a couple, and walk them through the process from start to finish. For those concerned about the daunting task of sending out and receiving rsvp’s for their big day, with a destination wedding most Travel Advisors take care of this chore by creating a personal website dedicated to the couple’s special day, and when guests rsvp their booking and correspondence is personally handled by the Travel Advisor.

As guests arrive at the chosen destination, they will be spellbound by the natural beauty around them…no tacky decorations necessary. What sets a mood more than miles of white sandy beach, the sounds of the ocean crashing against the shore, or the gentle sway of palm trees? And what is better yet, you can relax knowing your time with your loved ones is not limited to a one-day celebration, but rather several days spent together enjoying each others company and truly reconnecting.

Often the morning of the wedding day becomes one filled with last minute forgotten pieces, however with a destination wedding an onsite wedding coordinator will be at your service to ensure every detail has been taken care of so all you need to do is focus on getting down the isle and saying, “I Do”. And when the day is all over and the dress comes off, you will be sipping drinks in the sun with all your favourite people feeling rested and relaxed just as it should be.

While having a traditional wedding at home certainly has its place, destination weddings have been rapidly gaining popularity for obvious reasons. Not just for the simplicity it creates, but for the lasting memories that will forever connect you to that destination of your dreams. The sights and smells of the spot where you vowed your love for one another will remind you of your special moment in time for years to come. It gives you that place to call “yours” as you return through the years to celebrate anniversary milestones, family vacations with your children through the years, or perhaps just a romantic getaway to reconnect, allowing you to continue to build lasting memories as the years go by.