Dominican Republic is nothing short of perfect!

Often known as the nation first claimed by Christopher Columbus, the Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean. Spread over an impressive 18,704 square miles of landmass, you will find a diverse nation with everything from historical landmarks, to the highest peak in all of the Caribbean, to national parks, reserves and sanctuaries that account for 25% of the land and shoreline. Not to mention the many beach resorts appealing to all styles of travellers.

For many, choosing that perfect wedding destination carries high expectations, and a full list of desires. Dominican Republic is nothing short of perfection!

Those dreaming of a romantic beach wedding set along miles of the whitest sand beaches should look no further. With nearly 1000 miles of turquoise coastline, and resorts ranging from large family-friendly settings in areas like Punta Cana, to higher-end adult-only boutique hotels often found in more secluded locations such as Samana, or the affordable resorts located in the lively cultural capital of Puerto Plata in the north, the options are truly endless.

With buildings no taller than a palm tree in the coastal regions you will undoubtedly become aw-struck by its well-preserved beauty and want to linger in this beautiful country long after the wedding is over.

The icing on the cake to this first-rate wedding destination, is that unlike many other tropical wedding destinations, your marriage in the Dominican Republic is also recognized in Canada. When you tie-the-knot in the Dominican, you truly leave your mark in this country where you pledged your love for one-another.